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Stuff I'm up to, in pictures (2)


I've enrolled in a drawing class through the Cleveland Museum of Art. I hope you don't mind if I share the fruit of my labor over the past two sessions.


Kind of sinister!

flyer 11-15 color

Also, Improv update! Monday I start commuting to Chicago for a weekly class at the Annoyance Theatre. This is notably insane. Meanwhile, y'all should look into your transportation options Cleveland-ward because four weeks from now I have another show going up at the Centrum Theater.

flyer 11-15 color
That's an awesome sketch! I love that we can see the bullet hole in the skull. (At least I assume that's a bullet hole.) Also the plates of the skull. Very cool.

All Bull = No Dozing. Hee! I'd come to Cleveland if I could! Your hobbies are so much more, well, enlightened than mine.
Of course you can come to Cleveland! It's closer than New York, and aren't you going to have a lot of free time soon?
Only if I get laid off! And it doesn't look to be happening after all, for which I should be grateful. And I am, really.

Alas, Cleveland may be closer than New York (or so you say), but I still don't have time to travel. I end up going into the office on the weekends. :P
In fact, it's shorter from Cleveland to Toronto than it is from Cleveland to Chicago. (Have I mentioned?: insane.)
You could come visit me. Hint, hint.
I could!

Deleted comment

But not unsuspected, I'm sure.
Wow! I'm impressed!
You should be. I'm freaking awesome.
You are freaking awesome! That shading is beautiful. It really shows that smooth bone texture. I hope you'll be showing more for us!
Thank you. I really wish I could capture brightness so much more brightly. I kind of want to glue it to porcelain and then erase away the reflective bits until I've abraded the paper and the glue and the porcelain shines through. I suppose though that then it would be hard to carry around in my portfolio case (which I haven't yet bought).

I hope so too, though postings will depend of course on my own satisfaction. So far in class I've drawn a fire hydrant, a pebble, a cabinet and this. This though was the first one I've spent two class sessions on.

The question that comes up is: when will I be moved to draw outside of class? When I end my addiction to Word Twist, that's when!
Anyone who can draw anything that well should for sure start drawing outside of class. People who draw that well make photographer types feel bummed for having to use a camera to make their art.

Although, to be fair, a camera is kind of like a brush or a pencil except it has a few more parts.

Just a few. Not too many. Hundred or so, maybe.

And... Hey! Welcome back!
Thanks. Yeah, I'll have to start carting around my drawing board. And my pencils, and my erasers, and sit in one place for five hours, because that's about how much time I spent on this skull. The camera has its advantages.
You could be the official Gathering Sketch Artist! Amazing artist renderings of the many profound moments!
I haven't worked my way up to skin yet, but if y'all are willing to strip the flesh from your faces, I'll see what I can do.


October 22 2008, 20:59:45 UTC 8 years ago Edited:  October 22 2008, 21:00:07 UTC

Hmmm. That might be a plus for those who don't want their faces in the pictures. ;-)
The skull is fantastic! Wow! I am really impressed.
Thank you!
It's a very good skull rendering! Did you get to set it up yourself?
Thank you, actual artist!

I did not get to set up the skull myself; everyone in the class was drawing it. I did however get to choose where to set up my stool (which I think contributed to my success, as the oblique angle adds interest). (Unless I'm misinterpreting the artists' cant.)
That is AWESOME! I am so very impressed!
Yay! I'm richly deserving of praise and not at all pathetic in demanding it!

Honestly, thank you.

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