d'Herblay (dherblay) wrote,

Work in progress

This is a work in progress:

Anneth in curlers

Anneth in curlers

One thing I need to make progress on is getting permission from the subject herself, who seems to be occupied with other trifles. I hope she won't mind the liberty; no offense is meant. (ETA: as Buffy fans will recall, drawing portraits of people without their prior permission, and then leaving them where the subjects could find them, was a habit of Angelus's. Good role model, that!)

I really need to "push the darks," as they say, laying more graphite on the page and heightening the contrast. I could even stand to add a layer of black to the smock, perhaps get more of the folds in there. I might spend more time on the right side of the hair, making the level of detail match that on the left. And I'm not sure I yet understand the nose.

But the eyes are perfect, which is what most matters to me.

(You might want to be careful what pictures you post to Facebook, as I'm trolling for subjects. However, this may be it for blonde curly hair.)
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