d'Herblay (dherblay) wrote,

Underwater photographs

Four-eye Butterflyfish

Bonaire, March 9-16.

goldentail moray

Spotted Eagle Ray

fairy basslet

Scrawled Filefish

Spiny lobster

Tags: bonaire, diving, photography
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Those are amazing. Thank you for posting them!
Good ones! What kind of camera were you using?
It's a Canon G10 in a FIX G10 housing with a single Sea & Sea YS-110a strobe.
Cool! I recognize some of these, like the 2nd one--that's a moray (you didn't really think I wouldn't do that, did you?), & of course the last one, but what's the one that looks like a spider w/extra legs?

Hope you're having a great time!
That's a Caribbean Spiny Lobster. You can't really see its tail: foreshortening and shadows.
Wow, these are gorgeous! Lucky you, being there in person.
Thanks for sharing them with us!
Ohhhh, thanks! I've been waiting for these! Is the eel a spotted one or a green?
The eel is a goldentail moray.
Oh, yes, that one. I can never remember it because it's spotted gold.
These are excellent! I recognize most of them but what do you call that last one?