d'Herblay (dherblay) wrote,

In case you were wondering, I'm suggesting that "resistance" is equivalent here to "testicles"

Today's second-best revealingly unintentional double-entendre comes, via ponygirl2000, from The Guardian's article on the new Whedon-less Buffy, where some trade paper editor opines, "Warner [Bros.] know[s] that people have an appetite for revamps."

Today's best revealingly unintentional double-entendre is the kicker to Michael Kinsley's opinion piece supporting the new TSA procedures:
Since I have no choice, I’ve already experienced the new, improved pat-down and the TSA-phobics are right that it’s even more intrusive than the previous version. I’ve no doubt that it’s an embarrassment the TSA guy could do without, just as I could. He was apologetic as he slid his hands up my leg. “I’m supposed to keep going until I meet resistance,” he said. He’ll get no resistance from me.
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