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Les vrais Mémoires du chevalier d’Herblay

Total Destruction To Your Mind

"He is a man of eloquent words. A man of humor. A man of copious footnotes and crazed hyper-linking.
"And now he has a Live Journal.
"Everybody duck!"

"An excellent man with whom I am sorry I did not have more conversations, for if he understood nothing about the arts, he did know many etymologies."
--M. Proust
aaron copland, agnosticism, al green, alexandre dumas, alfred hitchcock, allosaurs, angel the series, anti-war, antoni gaudi, apache (jump on it), aretha franklin, atheism, atpobtvs, beck, blues, boccaccio, bonaire, buffy the vampire slayer, buzzcocks, c.s. murray's "crosstown traffic", calvin and hobbes, cartoons, cervantes, charles darwin, civil liberties, cladistics, classification schemes, cleveland jams improv, columbia university, conic sections/literary terms, cordelia, creative nomad jukebox, cross-country skiing, crosswords, cryptic crosswords, curtis mayfield, david bowie, descent with modification, detective novels, dictionaries, donald e. westlake, eddie hazel, elvis costello, evolutionary psychology, evolutionary sciences, film noir, fish with feet, france, funk, funkadelic, futurama, genetics, glam rock, gritty funk and soul, gymnothorax funebris, heresy, history, homicide:life on the street, improv comedy, improv tragedy, infocom, interactive fiction, iran, irony and real estate, istanbul, j. k. rowling, james brown, james ellroy, jane austen, jardinains, jimi hendrix, john sladek, justice league unlimited, lawrence block, left-libertarianism, limerence, little milton, memetics, meta-atpobtvs, milesian tales, mint mochaccinos, mistral sensitivity, moorish spain, motown, museums, music criticism, mysteries, naked-eye astronomy, natural history, new york times crosswords, no doubt, old school punk, outkast, p. b. medawar, p. g. wodehouse, paleontology, palmpilots, paralipsis, parliament-funkadelic, philip k. dick, philip pullman, philosophy, prince, public enemy, public libraries, punk music, race relations, raymond chandler, red meat, richard dawkins, richard pryor, run-d.m.c, saving the hubble telescope, science, scrabble brand crossword game, scuba diving, sea turtles, semicolons, shakespeare, skepticism, sly stone, solar eclipses, soul, spitsbergen, stephen jay gould, succulent silences, swamp dogg, tetris, text adventures, the clash, the earl of rochester, the greek root "ballein", the morality of atheism, the persistence of gnosticism, the ramones, the sex pistols, the shield, the sonics, the temptations, the tick, the valois, the venture brothers, time travel, travel, triathlons, tristram shandy, underwater videography, war (band not condition), warren zevon, x-men